Want More Views for TeePublic? Use This Hack

Want More Views for TeePublic? Use This Hack

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  1. man you don t check my store

  2. i need to go in artist catergoies

  3. Thankyou Juna, this really helps. I was really struggling with this and your Video came through right time I needed it. Thankyou

  4. The only problem with teepublic is that commissions are absolute trash and there is no way to change how much you earn. Even in the higher tier. Everyone waits for sales so you get half of the commission and you have no choice as everything is discounted so you have to be lucky to get a full commission. It’s a joke.

  5. Thank you Juna. Really helpful advice.

  6. Thank you for this video!

  7. please make a video introducing how to open TEEPUBLICE shop for beginners,thanks

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