Unlimited T-Shirt Prompts (Ideogram Ai + ChatGPT)

Unlimited T-Shirt Prompts (Ideogram Ai + ChatGPT)

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  1. I've really been enjoying Ideogram, and recently they added a strength value for the remix which is a great addition to the site.

  2. So helpful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. When you create those desigsn with ideogram, they are and remain visible for everyone, right?

  4. great video, I'm having fun with this, thanks Philip 🙂

  5. These are actually insane, and SO helpful! Thank you for making this video! 🙂

  6. I can only say WOW! Your videos helped me a lot since I started my POD store. Thank you! Thank you and Thank you!!

  7. Your soul is expressing itself in such a beneficial way thank you so much.

  8. Hi Philip, thanks for all the informative videos. Very helpful. I was just wondering if places like Amazon Merch and Etsy etc allow designers to choose which color shirts their designs will be printed and sold on? Because if a design has black text it couldn't be printed on a black shirt or it wouldn't show up, for example, so would the designer be able to specify for it to only be sold on light colored shirts?

  9. Is there a AI that we can upload our own drawings or pictures for it to change?

  10. That's really cool BUT. How do you get rid of the background so you can use the graphics on a TShirt.

  11. Are these niches trending on POD sites?

  12. Hi Philip. You vidoos are really amazing.

  13. Goodness me. You are soo cute. Yowza!

  14. Which background removing website do u use? Can u plz share?

  15. Please create 10 different Ideogram Prompts using the above formula with a sloth as the [Subject]. Please use random funny sloth themed phrases for the [Text] and random art styles or descriptive words for the [Style]…….you can put [random animal] in the place of sloth?:D

  16. Hi Philip, your videos are super helpful and encouraging. Is it possible to do an Unlimited T-shirt Prompts (Leonardo Ai + ChatGPT) Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge generously!

  17. Hi Philip , thank you for this great video. But unfotuanately I could not access to IDEOGRAM. They have only a wait list button to click. 🙁

  18. Hi Philip, in your opinion What is the best (free) way to remove the background from an image but keeping part of the outline. ?? thank you for your videos, very educational

  19. Nice video, but how long for invitation link to join the Ideogram AI? I need the account 🎉❤

  20. If you use ChatGPT for other things in between, do you have to enter this formula each time you need a prompt to teach it again?

  21. Its not free it have copyright claim problem😢

  22. Buen dia tendras un link de invitación para ideogram ? Gracias saludos buen canal

  23. 1 month of waitinglist 😢

  24. Fantastic. Just want to know how can I delete some of my artwork

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