The Future of AI Art with DALL-E 3!! AI Image generation made simple.

The Future of AI Art with DALL-E 3!! AI Image generation made simple.

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  1. DALL-E 3 is a Game Changer!! From my experience It's actually very accurate with text in many cases, unless the sentence is super long 🙂

  2. Thaaaaaaannnnnkkkkk Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. Awesome – Thank You ❤❤

  4. This is totally amazing, and the results are totally brilliant. However, I do have one major reservation, and it's probably quite obvious. It's this:- Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in a very short time as we all know. Is not the time fast approaching where designers like you and I become sadly obsolete and maybe in the not too distant future customers of TeeShirts and other associated products could conceivably just type exactly what they want in a future version of more or less any print on demand site and get the instant results they want. It's a thought which kind of worries me potentially. 😢

  5. If the text isn't right, you can simply edit it and make it right

  6. Is DALL-E 3 completely free, even without using chat gpt

  7. Fantastic! Love the graphics. The text was cool as well if spelling was right. I prefer doing my text for my ai designs, lol, makes me feel more connected to the whole design. Thanks for the video!

  8. Your information is always valuable and wonderful, thank you very much

  9. Excellent video! Very informative. I appreciate your dedication.

  10. Sir. I think it is a game changer.❤❤❤but it is free or not.. And how about the image quality. Which tool to use before putting image to pod.

  11. Salvador Dali is rolling in his grave… 😁 ThanQ for your information ❤.

  12. This is cool, however, I've just upgraded my CHAT GPT and tried doing this and its saying its a text based AI, What do you suggest i do?

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