Scammers & Greedy Gurus (Print on Demand Podcast)

Scammers & Greedy Gurus (Print on Demand Podcast)

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  1. Yep! The one that gets me is you see a You Tube vid about a POD topic that makes a big claim, then you watch it but right at the end you find out that you need to buy a course to get the nitty gritty. BUT if you look hard enough on YT you'll end up finding the nitty gritty somewhere. That's where I unsubscribe. I haven't unsubscribe from Zen or Crafty yet, must be valuable content. Great podcast, thanks for your effort. Cheers

  2. zen is the comfort zone of POD

  3. Thank you for your honesty, Zen! Love your recordings.

  4. good of you for speaking out !! I have been telling so many viewers to not fall for a course promising so much money.
    I had a viewer paying a Youtube a LOT for him to help him (after buying his course) to optimize ads for FB- he spent over 4K$ on ads for really bad designs. the Youtuber should have been honest and tell him- work on design FIRST. One even paid for a personal call from a POD Youtuber (around 300$) who told him to spend 1000$ a week to FB market his RB shop !! nuts.

    Smal and loyal VS sell out- so true !

  5. Most YT gurus din't mention about Traffic and Search Ranking (SEO)

  6. I enjoy both audio only AND the videos Sound quality is excellent on this.

    On a much discussed topic , banned by KDP, i was just reinstated after 5 months of losing access to book creation. Now i’m over-scrupulous about the low content books I put up. Another issue is that my books have prompted, brief guides on each page. I clearly state “notebook “ on cover, first line of description tells potential buyer that this a blank notebook with a guided prompt. I occasionally get an angry comment an one star especially from Canadians! No offense intended, Zen! Message and definition is included on inside first page. Would buyers read the bad comment and decide for themselves? My best selling with consistent sales are Teepublic and Fine Art America. Love your honesty and genuine practical care for your subscribers

  7. I concur with Mr. Zen. I started my Print On Demand journey just as the Pandemic started and Europe was shut down. While I've always wanted to make provacative feminist art, I had never done this before, but I was keen to start. It has been three years of hard work and dedication. While I am educated, all things digital are difficult for me to learn. I can honestly say that in three years I have put in thousands of hours of work (also due to the extra time given during the pandemic) to learn Media Bang Paint, Inkscape, selling platforms and social media platforms before moving into learning about actual physical painting. I only use RedBubble and TeePublic and just this summer opened up my own shop. I've made over 4000 designs using Zen's principles (making many variations). It is only now that I've started to produce high quality work. Even so, I'm still "only" selling 4-7 times a week and mostly stickers… which will just be enough to pay for my independent shop. Oh! And marketing! That was another steep learning curve that I'm still climbing. But I love the journey. I love my progress. And while I do see/hope for more success as I progress, I'm commited to continuing even if I never earn more money than now.

    One more thing that I think is important. There has to be a reason why you are doing this that isn't connected to earnings. Money is great and I still get thrilled when I sell a sticker, but there has to be a reason why you are giving your ideas to the world. Without this, in my opinion, all is lost. I hope that Mr. Zen does not mind me mentioning another name – while I am a devoted fan of Mr. Zen, I am also a devoted fan of Seth Godin. His conversations always settle on the topic "What is driving us to produce stuff for other people?" As Mr. Zen said in this podcast, you do not need to buy his book or the books from Seth Godin – all the information that is needed is freely given… unless of course you like reading and learn faster/retain information better this way. But I need to underline that both of these gentlemen are basically giving their information/experience away for free.

  8. Thank you..1st..yes making designs atm 2cnd..deleted many of those..was thinking making such a video like're a better teacher..

  9. Love your honesty. Thanks for the tips

  10. This is why so many of the POD YouTube Vids never show you their listings or stores, they make money suckering folks into the "make 10k this week" vid or course. It has been going on for years, and unfortunately it must work, cause these guys are all over the place, and many of these guys get a crazy amount of views. It is a shame, it is flooded with content like that. It's so obvious the click bait, the ole saying still goes "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." But in the end, channels like this are what survive the long haul, these other guys see the high for just a short time and fall off after a couple years.

  11. I got into POD as I am a creative person and it gives me an outlet. And after watching a few vids about how I could make money I thought I'd give it a go. The points you make about succeeding in POD are spot on, and my experience too. Most of these POD Youtubers also feature designs around cats or dogs – a completely saturated niche – that is no competition to them. They have found success in talking people into going into POD which has had the result of tons of cat, dog and mostly copycat designs flooding Redbubble, and the like, which has flooded the servers and caused Redbubble and others to put in fees. You can draw a direct line from the Youtubers promising 1000's of $$ to the Redbubble fees.

  12. One such character actually got me into print-on-demand to begin with. Someone on a forum posted one of her videos and it opened a door for me. Fortunately, I didn't buy a course or do anything else that cost me any money, as I'm old and wise enough not to fall for such a thing, but she personality did at least provide the spark for me. Most of her videos have titles and thumbnails about making some huge amount of money in a day, per month or whatever for supposedly doing something very easy. I found the promise alluring, but of course discovered, as you have said in your videos, that it actually takes a lot of work and the right kinds of designs to make any sales at all, let alone a great number of them. This girl makes her big money through these videos, I think, more than through print-on-demand itself, whether it is the video ad revenues, the commissions she earns, or the ebooks or courses she sells. I have to assume this is the case since she does keep producing the same basic video types over and over again. Why work so hard telling people on YouTube they can get rich for doing little work or by buying your course or ebook if you're able to make a fortune doing print-on-demand art? It just doesn't add up.

  13. Thank you! I just stumbled on this podcast and am so glad I did. You touched on about every one of my pet peeves related to YouTube.

    Print on demand and software are two areas where it is hard to find unbiased and accurate information. I have nothing against affiliate marketing, but try getting a good review on software that doesn’t have an affiliate plan. It’s next to impossible.

    I have reached a point where the moment I hear a YouTuber introduce themselves as a coach and/or business mentor, I immediately leave because I already know where their headed.

    Thanks again!

  14. I really like this episode I kinda came to some of these conclusions after watching alot of too good to be true videos. You state it much better than I would of course. I think your very funny by the way.

  15. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏼

  16. I almost skipped this because it is audio only and I see myself as a visual learner. Got it wrong. One of the most informative and honest videos I have watched in over 2 years. To say many thanks would be an understatement.

  17. Thank you Zen for another great video.

  18. Such truth Zen.. I wish I would have listened to this a couple years ago, would have saved me some $$ buying crappy courses. Some of these "greedy gurus" are just like Remora who trail behind sharks for the scraps the shark leaves in the water. They follow YouTubers putting out great content only to rip them off and blast "$834.56 per day with this one easy niche". Thanks for putting it out there and keeping it real.

  19. Great video… Also I purchased your book a while ago as I stumbled on it on Amazon whilst looking for print on demand stuff and recognised your name so thought I'd give it a go as enjoy your videos. Read it cover to cover and I really enjoyed it so recommend to anyone who's into print on demand 👍

  20. Great video, Zen! 👍
    Seems like a lot of Youtubers are not able to earn their money in an honest way.
    Wander if they can look themselves in the eye when looking in the mirror.
    Luckely there are people like you and Mey, who I saw also left a comment under this video.
    Love to watch your video's and learned a lot from them. 💖
    Thank you!!! 🤗

  21. I disagree about paying for courses. It’s a great way to get all the information in a condensed, structured way. The problem is that many people buy courses from the clickbait YouTubers you describe just because they show fancy cars or wear nice clothes and pretty makeup. And don’t actually think whether it’s someone they have already learned valuable tips from before paying for the course, and whether the person has actually done what they’re trying to teach.
    I paid for a mentorship a year ago and it opened my eyes and helped my brain click as to how to make POD work. Of course, it took A LOT of work. But I haven’t had a month under 10k in sales since, a lot higher during peak months of Q4. So spending a few hundred on the course / mentorship was totally worth it (nowhere near $1800 lol).

  22. Zen has my respect. He doesn’t hold back and is honest when he as something. Keep up the good work.

  23. Thankfully, you were the first person, who I watched, who got me wanting to do POD. You have been honest, since I started watching.,amen I appreciate that. It’s easy for me to see who is a scammer and who isn’t, but I know many other people, who are easily scammable (is that a word?), and very naive. I don’t like to give up my money, very easily, but I see people spend money on some really dumb things. Your channel always provides value, and I often go back and watch previous videos, because of that value. Oh, and it provides comedy, yeah, that’s it, you are hilarious. 😂 You actually do have some good ideas, often even funny ideas.

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