Print on Demand updates you HAVE to know about to make more sales in 2023

Print on Demand updates you HAVE to know about to make more sales in 2023

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  1. Good and timely content ‼️. Thx for sharing 👏‼️

  2. Great content! Hello Mak, what in your opinion would be the best thing to start with for my Etsy shop as a beginner just starting out? And also, can you have different products in your shop as a beginner, such as Teeshirts, mugs, tumblers, etc., or should you start with just one product at first? Thank you for sharing this information with us, and I enjoy all of your videos and have been following you for some time now. Have a great Sunday!!

  3. Hello, I came across your YouTube channel and I wanted to try selling digital planners on Etsy. I didn’t know that Etsy would take 6.5% of my sales. I was going to price my listing at $1.99 but if it sells I’d only be making $0.70. How do you navigate this on your listings?

  4. Mak what are your options on the Etsy free shipping over orders of $35 of more? Should we just account for shipping in our product cost or should we charge shipping outright?

  5. Hello Mak, I am a professional video editor and I edit short form and long content that can be viral. So if you want to discuss further just let me know.

  6. Can o work for u . I am a graphic desinger

  7. Can't wait to see all the success these game-changing features will bring for Q4! Thanks for sharing, Mak! 💪

  8. Hyy love can you please tell me how to get Pod licence ❤

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