Print on Demand Mockups – Options for All Sellers

Print on Demand Mockups - Options for All Sellers

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  1. Thanks for the tipps! An issue that I have with placeit is finding mockups that accurately depict the products that I'm selling. Some of them have brand tags (e.g. Bella Canvas), but not so many (at least I was not able to find more). How do you deal with this?

  2. I was full of hope when I started the video.
    But I end up realizing that the possibilities for mugs is short, to say the least.
    Too bad… I'm still working on it.
    For the moment my best option is grabbing the blank mockup from Gelato (they are my POD partner) because the design is well treated and I use that in “scenes“ that I get from photostocks. I do that with Kittl… I'm done with Canva !
    Great idea to make the background so very fuzzy that shading is no more a concern but more an atmosphere element.
    But I think a good routined mockup making process is a must to avoid spending too much time there.
    Thanks for the subject and the sources.

  3. Canva has smartmockups that look realistic too

  4. What’s your thoughts on Kittl AI Backgrounds?

  5. It's easier to convert it cmyk then export it for web

  6. Hi, how to set up the buy it now button on etsy shop

  7. A lot of great info and tips! Thanks!

  8. One type of mockups that seem to be really hard to find are masculine mockups. 99% of them are very feminine. The ones that ARE masculine feature men wearing the shirts. I have yet to find masculine mockups that are product only. If anyone knows a good resource for this, please let me and anyone else who might be looking for this.

  9. Thank you!🤩is there a background remover in Placeit?

  10. Hi, do you know where to get mockups for gift wrap papers?

  11. Hey! Love your content! Question: how do you manage to finance huge orders at first when you don't have much cashflow… Savings? Credit cards? No one talks about that here on Youtube. As a freelancer and now Etsy seller who doesn't have a regular salary from an employer it seems that no bank wants to approve me for a credit card. For business credit cards you need to make at least 75K or so, which I am far away from. Appreciate your thoughts.

  12. With all do respect, 90% of mock-ups on Etsy look ridiculously fake, because most people do your Canva strategy of placing designs directly on the mock-up image, even with adjusting the transparency. Honestly if you don’t know how to do smart-photoshop layers, you’re better off just getting a Placeit or Smartmockups subscription.
    I personally have always veered away from purchasing a product with a fake looking mock-up because I don’t have confidence in how the product will actually look and I know I’m not alone since I asked several people before I started my POD store.

  13. Love your videos, thanks for your consistency in posting them. I've painted myself into a box. In Printify, I've designed several AOP Aprons by first filling the apron template with a checkered pattern, then inserting a second design onto the chest area of the template. Looked great, but when I went to Placeit to make mockups, there are none for that apron. I've only used Placeit up to this point, but I went on Etsy and purchased a small bundle of 4 mockups for this AOP apron. Now I've realized I can't use them because there is no way to put that checkered pattern into the mockup for the background. Obviously, uploading the chest design into Canva is easy, just the background pattern is the issue. Duh. Any ideas how I can use these mockups I purchased?

  14. Hi, thank you for this video, I wonder how the people that sell those mockups on etsy design them, because those mockups look like pinterest, very cool! Anyone know how they design them or if are there an specific page?

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