Print-on-Demand Alternative: Passive Income GUARANTEED Masterclass

Print-on-Demand Alternative: Passive Income GUARANTEED Masterclass

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  1. Does Creative Fabrica have any restrictions with regard to AI generated art?

  2. Thanks as always for the great advice!


  4. If you sell on cf, can you'd souse your own designs to sell on other platforms? H there is a commercial licence and POD licence on designs from of -then 'what if others buy and sell same designs?

  5. I just posted my first mockup on CF. Already have 3 sales in 1 week in my new Etsy mockup store but I like also having an avenue to sell directly to a creator-only audience.

  6. Thank you for this! Can you tell me which video it was of yours where you teach us NOT to upload the full size file – to just show a less quality image so it will deter theft of your high quality image?

  7. Instead of showing a portfolio, what if I submit my very successful SVG shop from Etsy to basically duplicate it on Creative Fabrica? Will they mind or care?

  8. hah I already sell svgs on etsy and i wouldnt say it counts as any sort of income.. 2 dollars here and 2 dollars there. and you will get 0 sales unless you spend on ads etc, and you "guarantee" people will get sales is utter nonsense since the vast majority of etsy digital shops have 0 sales, and SVG is one of the highest of all competition item on etsy even over the physical items.

    This video is a bunch of nonsense promises that I know for a fact are being blown WAY out of proportion. I assure you if you do POD and are struggling the answer is absoutely NOT to start uploading your svg files to etsy, that might bring you 10 bucks a month… or so and you will have to put a ton of work into it.

    AND if you are doing pod, then what this video is telling is is so fucking DUHHHHHHHH its not even funny, show me one person doing pod that doesnt know you can sell svg on etsy and Ill tell you it was their ignorance and failure to research markets that is why they are unsuccessful, they are flying blindly and ignorant….

  9. Awesome as usual, thank you Zen~!

  10. I am just starting up and I have watched almost all your videos and have learned a lot. Thanks

  11. Thank you for this. I am subscribed to both your channels.

  12. Another helpful video. Thanks for being awesome! Is there a site like CF where you can sell your photography?

  13. Does CF allow you to sell images created with AI?

  14. Etsy can also suspend your account

  15. Thanks Zen for the great video.

  16. Nice vid, thanks Mr Cooler 😜

  17. Zentastic. Thank you!

  18. If I selling design on CF, can I sell (for example) this design on a T-Shirts on marketplaces like a Redbubble, Teepublic or Amazon Merch etc.?

  19. I submitted patterns to CF and got turned down. They state the designs don't mesh with their audience.

  20. Thanks for this amazing video.Can i enhance a png file to high quality in inkscape?

  21. I have been checking out Rebubble's dimension needs and was wondering, should designs be resized to each of the item dimensions or download one and put it on everything as I thought you showed in a video? Because some of the sizes do seem to be a bit odd. Example – socks are 5748×300 while a man's t-shirt is 3873×4814, a pin is 1000×1000 while caps are 2400×1140.

  22. Totally agree!! every POD sellers should have Plan B, C, D….

  23. Nice informative video.
    When you offer digital downloads do they give it out for commercial use? Or restrict iit to personal use?

  24. Wow, I'm already subbed to your Crafty Stax channel! Subbed here, too now 🙂

  25. I've made some money on the POD field in last years but i think it's getting shity day after day i'm gonna do something else pod sounds easy for all the newbies and gtting oversatured and the plaforms and getting shiiter

  26. Brilliant, thank you so much (Young Zen knows what he's talking about so he's the guy to follow, oowee!) – will give it a go

  27. if nobody buys that how is it guaranteed?

  28. I have to get inkscape, its just so useful. Thanks Crafty Zen, your videos are some of the best.

  29. 😂😂😂 REDBUBBLE SUCKS!!!!!! I agree 💯 worst customer service ever!

  30. Here’s a strategy: E A O.

  31. Sad thing is this isn't guaranteed either. I've tried it.

  32. Thanks Zen for another little gem to ponder! Just wondering, do you know of any restrictions as far as copyright goes on images downloaded from various sources and changing them to SVG to resell? Can you only do this for images that are in the public domain? I’m guessing that if you make changes (as you did here with the cats eyes) it’s all good. 🤷‍♀️
    Also, how does it work when one uses multiple resources from CF to create new designs to sell on CF? For example, can one pick an image from CF and turn it into an SVG, and add text (from a font also sourced from CF) and upload it to CF as a new design to sell? Thank so much. 🥰

  33. Would love to know how you arrived at a sellers dashboard, please Zen.

  34. Thanks for this. I uploaded some designs on Creative Fabrica, this video reminded me so I checked and I have made some sales 🙂

  35. Thanks for the great video, you gave us a lot of info with websites and ideas 😊🎉

  36. Etsy requires GST for India, any another alternative

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