KITTL: Tarot Card Design (Full Walkthrough)

KITTL: Tarot Card Design (Full Walkthrough)

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  1. Hi do you know any POD for tarot cards? most of providers are from China and they do not have an integration app to sell on POD platforms.

  2. Cool. I haven’t played around in Kittl yet, I may just give it a try! Thanks as always for generously sharing your knowledge!

  3. Not a tarot card but fabulous just the same! Love it. You're clearly very proficient in using Kittl but for newbies it would be so useful to have access to the shortcuts and the design features in printed form to refer to on a consistent basis. Does that exist anywhere? Thank you.

  4. Thank you, as always great video..kittl is great, used to be pro, now can only afford canva pro atm..

  5. I can't get the shift to stretch the frame 😢

  6. I always like your No Fuss, Common Sense Descriptions. You are Easy to Listen to and also – Follow! Also I Love Many and Varied Assignments – Much appreciated! Cheers, Brad H

  7. What a great tutorial! I love your design. I’ve been thinking of trying out POD but have been less than inspired by what I think I’m “supposed to” put out there when I watch a lot of videos about the subject. Who knows. Regardless, I appreciate this video very much and will view some of your others for sure.

  8. Oooh cool I love tarot so be great to make some tarot style designs 😀

  9. I signed up for Kittl per your suggestion and I've been using it but I'm having a really difficult time with it and Printful. For some reason every time I try to upload a design to Printful it gives me the following error “Some of the design products contain transparent design, please adjust it”. I'm not sure how to adjust it. I’ve tried everything and it won't let me go further in the mockups so I can add it to my Etsy store.

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