Kittl: MASKS FEATURE Explained

Kittl: MASKS FEATURE Explained

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  1. Are there any rewards on displate for 1000 Sales or 10000 Sales? Like on youtube you get a play button or smth.

  2. Have you ever tried SuperimposeX or do you only use a pc for editing and creating

  3. If i put a something from photo selection into mask, i can use it in print on demand without getting in trouble?

  4. Great demonstration of our masks feature!

  5. How we can resize 3 different images in same size and allignment, I could do resize in text only in kittle but for 3 similar images like I want to use 3 letter images USA in same line and in same size , how can I do in kittl ?

  6. Many Thanks again! You explain, in very simple, easy to grab and digest terms – very casual, and natural! Much appreciated! Cheers, Brad H

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