KITTL: 10 of My Favorite Things

KITTL: 10 of My Favorite Things

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  1. Best time I've invested in a while! Thanks

  2. I will always be grateful to you for introducing me to Kittl. I love it so much – it's so intuitive, expansive, and versatile. Thank you!

  3. Some great tips here thank you! I just logged into kittl today and they now have an Ai quote Generator to help us come up with quotes for our designs as well. Kittl just keeps getting better 😊

  4. I like kittl cuz especially tshirt designs stand out so much and they are easily prettier, the ai tool is great as well, the quality of some creation just looks out of this world. I've been using canva before it's still my favorite for tons of thing but for t-shirt designs kittl is the goat. Just… they seriously need to work on the mobile version.

  5. I learned a lot of tips with this video thks

  6. Excellent tips!!! If possible would you please do a video on how to do transparent lettering in Kittl (if I missed it, would someone please link it). Thanks ++++

  7. çok beğendim. çünkü tarz öğrenmek şahane bir duygu ,tşkler

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