Is Print on Demand Worth it in 2023?

Is Print on Demand Worth it in 2023?
  1. Lol i actually like that you let the music play out. thanks alek your videos have changed my life for the better g

  2. After following Alek videos for a few days I began setting up an Etsy site and in 3 days I've put up 29 listings working 18 hours a day. So far no sales and a few lookers. that's cool it takes time and the whole finding and setting up Meta Tags for your items is another long tedious enterprise but I'll get it done. I've got one gig beef though… for some reason Etsy doesn't feel that customers will pay shipping basically above $11 or so and even though your listing is set up with the preformatted shipping charge, Etsy over rides the charge and lists those items with FREE SHIPPING. In most of the listings that this is affecting me I wind up after a transaction having to come out of pocket for the excess cost of shipping that exceeds my net after production costs. I've tried to reach out to customer service to get an answer as to what gives but so far no response from anyone. Anyone have a work around?

  3. Title is better but I was hoping more for AI with the legal side of things.

  4. Editing mistake? At 7:50 you repeat the same sentence twice. And yes, it doesn't seem like the video ended in the right place. Sounded like you were leading up to a final punch line.

  5. this dude obviously did not make more than 100k a month with ai art lmao, who you trying to fool?

  6. I was a little nervous to watch this one bc of the title, but I'm glad I did. lol. This was a really great video. It helped to confirm I'm on the right track, and that putting all this effort into my Etsy store will be worth it. After studying several of the top sellers in my niche, I'm taking the volume approach while keeping the quality high. My current goal is 1,000 products by the end of December, and so far I'm at 218. Following your other vids, I've already gotten sales and a 5-star review with only 218 products. I can't wait to see it all increase when I finally hit my first 1,000. Looking forward to your next video 🤙

  7. 10 000$ a month … i mean COME ON, stop dreaming.

  8. How's the editing on this video? New editor 0-10? 😅

  9. Alek. Please couls you make the figma video, how to make the mock ups without the need for scripts etc please 🙂 thank you 🙂

  10. What video next nothing shows up at the end of the video no linked video?

  11. Please tell me the plants are real and not fake.
    As for the picture frames in the back…. something with personality. The rest of your environment is magazine-y, if you want that vibe, great, if not, something of a personal touch.
    You had mentioned you were going to do a Q&A… what ever happened to that?
    I've noticed that you enjoy making mindset videos. Understandable. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
    As always… ✅

  12. in 2020 i made like 240k(rev not profit..profit like 1/3) from affiliate marketing but I still think pod has much higher potential. especially brand building because there is an exit strats too I can just sell whatever business I create now.

    cant do any of that with affiliate marketing. the work I put in was like a job, do something and get paid thats it I dont own anything.

  13. background music gotta go my manz. your content is way better without the distraction.

  14. Thank you for sharing your fantastic video! I have an inquiry regarding the monthly income generation. When you mentioned earning between $10 to $40,000 per month, were you referring to profit or revenue?

  15. The new music 👎👎👎

  16. Thank you Alek. Sometimes we just need a little pep talk : )

  17. I really love your work
    your ideas and information and strategies
    can you please make a video on how to create and post designs on etsy with zero investment as i am currently a teenager having no money to invest
    i will be really greatfull

  18. well thats one annoying bg music! i want to focus on listening to the speaker rather than the music

  19. Im in my 6 months seriusly doing POD almost 300 listings, I just start having some sales (13) and lately lots of "favorited" but no one buys anything I wish someone like you give me an opinion of my store🙏

  20. Thank you for posting this. This answered a lot of questions and provided some resources for me.

  21. Shits all fake. You make these vids to sucker people in for youtube $.

  22. Hi Alex, thank you for your videos, are inspiring. I have a question when you say $10k a month, I am wondering what is you net per sale because if your net is about $5-8 per sale you need to sell 1200-2000 a month. May you can do a video about pricing.

  23. Can somebody suggest me. Should I go with shopify or etsy for POD?

  24. The background music is really annoying!!!

  25. volume + good designs = "so good they can't ignore you"

  26. Alek, I think you should make a video on etsy banners, how to make great banners and explain if it really helps or not. If it matters if we have none even. I have not sold any proudcts yet and have 3 etsy stores so. Giving This one A try now so

  27. Hello Alek, this video is enlightening. Thanks for sharing this! How do you stay motivated during the initial months when results might not be immediate?

  28. I stopped offering shirts because it’s too time consuming. I already have a full time job. Once I’m better with designing and listing I’ll add those products back in my shop. You have great videos.

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