Ideogram Ai vs Midjourney COMPARED Print on Demand

Ideogram Ai vs Midjourney COMPARED Print on Demand

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  1. Thank you for clarifying the TOS. Your videos are great!

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  3. HUGE thanks for clarifying the legal situation 🙂

  4. See today I made it to my first subscription and I can see that only you will help me to turn into the best version of my self as a business manager

  5. My concern about Ideogram is they make all your images public. What are your thoughts? Pro/con?

  6. A great youtuber who admires other great youtuber is AN AWESOME INDIVIDUAL!! :)))) Thank you for sharing this video, I continue watching because I kind of like Mid Journey better at this point. Looking to make some image but both AIs dont give me the things I desire so I might as well make the parts of image and then put it all together from Mid Journey. Elements, download and then merge everything somehow. That's something I've been thinking. 🙂
    What if you vectorizer the sticker ( e.g. make it a .svg file)?
    4:05 Mid Journey, maybe it will be better with 5.1, not 5.2
    About Terms and Conditions, I've copy pasted them to Chat GPT, Copy/pasted the clarifying too and the AI said I can use it for commercial purposes. I only have to be aware of additional copyrights and permissions.

  7. Great comparison video. Thank you. 😎❤️

  8. Like the video, very informative 👍
    Its pronounced eye-diogram btw they say that in the rules channel of their discord, I'm guessing alot of people pronounce it id-diogram

  9. But they won't let you use those generated art for POD

  10. Does anyone know how I can get these images in a high-resolution print file?

  11. I now use Ideogram Cause it's Free.

  12. Thats good that you can use it for commerical use. I would recommend doing a bunch of designs and reverse image search on Google and carefully examine each one.

  13. S all the other AI generating images, you don't own the copyright of the image but you can use it and create t-shirt, prints and so on

    Still the images are theirs not yours

  14. Ideogram is a great way for pod, but the problem is that what you made can be stolen, and if you published late, the first person take your design can report you on amazon, that’s the bad thing of public stuff

  15. Hello Sir, I've found a lot of help in all your videos, but I wanted to ask which website you started with for pod work. Please help me choose the best one. I also watched your video titled 'Honest Review of 13 Print on Demand Websites,' but I'm really bad at making decisions.

  16. Excellent video. Did you perhaps try in Midjourney lowering the style, for example —s 150?


  17. I think you get better graphics with ideogram when your prompts are very clear and sharp. 3d render painting, association of styles make great results

  18. This stuff is becoming more interesting and exciting. Curious to see what ideogram does moving forward. 🙌🏽

  19. Where do you put the promts?

  20. I have a question I get no access to mba where would u try to sell pod and printfy or printful

  21. Who can invite me to Ideogram? I joined the waiting list but would love to get access ASAP.

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