Free Fonts for T-Shirt Design. My favorite ones I use to create shirts and sell online.

Free Fonts for T-Shirt Design. My favorite ones I use to create shirts and sell online.

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  1. wow, nice video Juna, thank you for showing your fonts!! =)

  2. Been following on Insta for a bit and now I'm loving the videos. Thank you!

  3. Best content. Should definitely have more subscribers.

  4. Hi I recently found you via ryan hogue- you share good info- I’m a newbie to the pod world and was curious what you used as a mock generator- do you buy the mock photos or use place it? I’m trying to figure out the best way to go! I’ve heard flat lays sell the best vs having a model. I’m currently only using Canva and over app but keeping notes moving forward!

  5. really helpful tutorial. please continue more and more

  6. You are so nice! Great video!!

  7. This video is gold. No lie, I spent an hour looking for similar fonts and they were all expensive. I go into YouTube and your video comes up as suggested. This is one time when I don’t mind Google monitoring what I do and being responsive to it. 😂 Keep up the great work!

  8. You are awesome! Thanks 🙂

  9. The pages of Free Fonts on Fontspace are well over 100. I got up 115.

  10. Hey Juna ! Nice video. Could you tell me what font are you using for the thumbnail ? Thanks

  11. It's embarrassing to admit as a very experienced designer, but I am personally challenged by font pairing. In trying to make these typographic fonts that are popular, it takes me forever. I'd love it if you did a video on "top ten t-shirt font pairs" or some such.

  12. Hi juna!

    i really like the helvetica and adobe neue haasi unica, there are people who are using these and i have no idea how they are getting away with this! but i wish i could use these, i know that adobe give u the neue haasi as part of there libary but not sure about the licence terms on this!

  13. i was looking for inspiration and i found this video. how did i miss this one? i love fonts.. still no inspiration tho. i think im burning out

  14. I would love to see more videos like this. As a broke high school student, I am constantly looking for free ways to design products.

  15. it's the 8th time I'm applying to merch, next time I'll use your referral 😉

  16. Finding amazing sources from you guy! Thank you

  17. Unfortunately, Intro Rust free is not free anymore((

  18. Thanks for this video. Newbie here! Have you done one on how to choose the best font for the type/theme of your t shirt design?

  19. Do you use affinity photo or affinity design for text based designs

  20. Thanks for info; it's helpful. I'm just getting into learning more about typography, and these fonts have an aesthetically pleasing look, particularly the grungy styles that I tend to like.

  21. This compilation is so good. Im a graphic designer as well and I knew most of these fonts, but I haven’t used them for years, Great reminder! keep up with the amazing content Juna. Love your energy!

  22. Would I be able to make profit with these fonts without being sued in my t shirt business?

  23. Hanson Bold is no more free for commercial use

  24. Omygod really really thankful for this! 🙏

  25. I like the font in Canva but can I use them on MBA without getting in trouble you can text me on Facebook on my new post about Canva too if you want thanks in advance.

  26. Hi…
    Can i use these fonts in my designs in freepik and shutterstock and sell it online?

  27. I’ve been using font space but didn’t know they have free fonts for commercial use!

  28. hey Juna thanks for the info about the fonts. I wonder why people not selling these fonts? Why they're giving it for free?

  29. Good video however when I tried that site Adam Ladd did not worked, even after I entered my information for newsletter did not allowed me to download any fonts.

  30. Great list, thank you so much for sharing Juna. Some great ideas here

  31. Tanks Pablo from argentina you have muy like

  32. Helpful info thank you ☺️

  33. These fonts are no longer FREE for commercial use

  34. Thank you for this. Although paid fonts are often great and worth the investment, I think we all love FREE fonts, so I appreciate your featuring the free stuff.

  35. How many fonts should you have for print on demand

  36. I think you are zen watercooler 😅

  37. Can I use these fonts for on T shirt and sell the t-shirts?

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