Easy A.I. Side Hustle Makes $21,327/Month (Profit)

Easy A.I. Side Hustle Makes $21,327/Month (Profit)

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  1. Successful people don't become that way overnight. most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  2. Have you started using 5.2 now? I'm assuming this video was created before 5.2 was available?

  3. Love the video, signed up for en Etsy account. Does anyone know how he is able to see how much revenue the paintings are doing.? Thanks

  4. Good job, great video, great effects, great visuality, great expression.

  5. Alek, just discovered you and love your content. I did a price comparison between Printify and Gelato (I use for my artwork). For a 20×30 Printify Premium Subscription Price: $44.78 and $34.48 shipping.

    Gelato: without a subscription: $34.71 and $20.19 shipping. With my first level subscription, I get 30% off of shipping costs which means I pay only $14.13 for the shipping.

    This is comparing a slim canvas, not the thick, but the numbers would still reflect the differences with the thick as well. Just something to check out. Gelato is not as established as Printify and offers less products but their posters and canvas prints have all been great.

  6. I just want to say thanks, you steps are clean, your advice is helpful, and concise. I haven’t tried this, but j come from a design and illustration background and have always wanted to do something like this.

    I put so many hours into a tshirt design thing but even after that I couldn’t get it off the ground. I might give this a go – but in my own niche.

  7. Can anybody please explain to me how he added the cats head on top of the removed one? i really cant do it. im following step by step but it looks so bad when i do it.

  8. I don't have a very good command of English. Can you please tell me what should I type in Urdu on YouTube? I want to understand this task, so please provide me complete information in Urdu.

  9. I heard you have to pay for the printify order before you get paid by etsy/customer, is that true? Because that's a dealbreaker for me…

  10. This is so incredibly helpful and similar to a style I just started creating. Thank you for sharing your ideas! You're the man!!

  11. very helpful! I am watching the playlist of the other tutorials rn =) I'm gonna make my besties fur family into these cool images, I even have other ideas. Like what if you put the heads on a politician or like a hippie or any person in a job uniform. Professions, the cat nurse collection haha

  12. can you make videos with Redbubble starting without spending any money on fees first

  13. Hey, @Alek! Is it possible to make 3 prints in one set? How does that get fulfilled? Maybe you could make a video around this topic.
    I really like your content!

  14. I don't hace etsy in my country , is there an other option to conect with printify to sell ? Thanks

  15. let's saturate another method

  16. Do none of you realise or care that using AI Generated art is art theft!? Shameful, unethical content….but I guess most people don't care because money means more.

  17. Hello I am following your steps but when I am in discord and I add the Midjourney bot server and images when generating the prompt tells me that I have to subscribe and I do not get the image only the button to go to the myjourney website.

  18. ive been brainstorming this in my head for a while now but wasnt quite sure how id approch the idea with AI. sure you can manually do it(crownpaw or whatever that other site is did and probably still does manually) but that just looks like too much work that can be done with AI anyway.

    ur content are amazing. this is coming from someone that has seen and done many things before to make money online(still doing of course gotta pay bills haha)

  19. I tried upscaling an image on photopea and it looks blurry when zoomed in, is photopea not a good upscaler?

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