Commercial Usage Allowed?! IDEOGRAM Ai 1.0

Commercial Usage Allowed?! IDEOGRAM Ai 1.0

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  1. I’m loving Ideogram, results are getting better.

  2. I like it when people don't understand the terms of service and are afraid to use it for commercial purposes. Reduces the competition lol. I really do wish ideogram had a search feature to get a better idea of prompts and image results for your search term

  3. Thank you very much for the clarification, Philip. After watching your last video I read ideogram's terms of service and it was not clear to me whether or not I could use the images created for free. I used to use Leonardo and Idiogram a few months ago, but I stopped using them because there was some controversy over the use of freely generated images for commercial purposes on some websites. In particular, I made a series of images in Leonardo that I uploaded on Displate to try to be admitted to their website and I never got a response from them. That discouraged me from using images generated for free by AI and I've been using Creative Fabrica graphics since then. I'll give it another chance.

  4. What about Meta's Imagine ai… i couldn't find anywhere about commercial rights. Can i sell images i created on Meta's Imagine?

  5. Great video!
    Aside from Spreadshirt, what are other all-in-one type online marketplaces that handle everything from the customer service/taxes etc.?

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