AMAZON MERCH CHANGED! What’s going on?

AMAZON MERCH CHANGED! What's going on?

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  1. Hello I got a lot knowledge from your videos. I tried your all niches but I never got any sales. It's not your mistake. But its really hard to get sales without ads. So I gonna quite merch on demand and focus on other online stuff😒

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  3. Thanks a lot for the information , but I know this off topic but I wanna ask u this , lately I've been posting T-shirt and its on processing for days like literally one of my design took 4 days to be posted i don't know if it's only me , or smth about amazon servers .. Im really confused and frustrated

  4. At first, this new badge/bsr # situation was confusing, now it’s frustrating because those bsrs can’t be trusted the way we’ve all come to expect or understand bsrs. I find it mostly annoying 😁. If everyone in MOD is eventually going to get these badges – because technically we’re all selling these same shirts – I wish they’d do one mass rollout and get it over with. But my opinion holds very little sway with anyone at Amazon, lol…

  5. Thanks for sharing this kind of valuable information with us.

  6. Yeah that's the most reasonable explanation about this issue, bsr now is not really reliable to know what's really selling, we'll have to rely on our common sense and judge what's probably gonna sell and what's not, and in this case working on evergreens is the best option. so thanks Philip ❤

  7. That last shirt got TWO climate BSRs 😆😆😆

  8. I have an off topic question about MOD.. I bought some of my own shirts as gifts and sent them to friends.. it’s now asking me for reviews.. is it a good idea to leave reviews on purchases of my own shirts?

  9. how are you getting the 200 bought and 700 views data//

  10. I was wondering what was up. Thanks for this info!!! 🙌🏽

  11. Cat is a staff from Amazon they copie all design and if you report them you losing your account so that kill all competitions (born>artist unknown>Genirec>cat)

  12. Interesting information. Good to know, and thanks for sharing

  13. Does amazon attributes this badge arbitrary or we should apply for it. Thank for de vidéo.

  14. Good catch about this "interesting" change. I noticed the badge thingy showing on some of the Amazon Merch shirt listings but hadn't looked into the BSR situation. Thanks for bringing it up Philip!

  15. The 10K shirt had 2 Ratings and the 177K shirt had 3,200+ Ratings. So definitely factor in the number of Ratings to determine if the BSR is legit or if the product is making sales.

  16. What is Climate Pledge Friendly Could You Explain?

  17. Thank you for sharing. Well deserved vacation. I hope you had a great time. 😎🌞🍹🥃🍺🌴😄❤️

  18. Seriously?? They rank you if you jump into their climate cult??

  19. Hi Phillip, how have you been doing? you know that a few days ago I could see someone well known in the merch ecosystem giving his opinion about AI designs, and he was saying that colorful, eye catching designs (he had a picture as an example) are not going to sell because, although they are eye catching and beautiful, they are not what people are looking for… what do you think?

  20. thanks Philip ❤ for the explanation

  21. Bro my merch by Amazon account is not getting accepted, when i click on tax information option the page is not loading, it is showing access to Amazon account is denied. 😢 Please help.

  22. Hi Philip, do you know any way to change prices in bulk on Amazon Merch? Thanks for the video 🙌

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