5 Easy to Sell Products That Make $100/Day Online

5 Easy to Sell Products That Make $100/Day Online
  1. Are you married? 😘😘

  2. how did you make your maps when you were selling them

  3. I would like to see a video from you where you would address practical issues such like sales tax and other federal taxes and also, what is the real cost of selling x expected profit. It would be great if you could just pick a platform such as Etsy and put in perspective the number of sellers and the concentration of sales among the number of sellers. Thank you for your content.

  4. Etsy is not available in my country😢

  5. Only @wildvestcorps page is the best trading platform I have been making a good profit ::

  6. Hey Alek, I've been watching a lot of your videos just recently, and I am wanting your advice. If I create good designs, would it be better to have multiple companies/stores on etsy selling one product each (ie. mugs, shirts, bags, etc.) all sharing the good designs between each store? Or should I have one store and have multiple products with the good designs? So far, from your content, I am seeing that I should have multiple stores specializing in one type of product, but is it fine to share designs between the stores I am running? So I can have the same design on my mugs from my mug store, and the same design on my shirts from my shirt store?

  7. Gothamchess brother teaching us how to make money

  8. How the hell are these shops selling wall tapestry for $14? POD providers carry them for much higher prices.

  9. Can this be done from India too

  10. Great job! I find this channel a good help in understanding the unique problems facing we individuals, I wish they taught me this in college. As a beginner I was scared of losing my savings, you've helped me a lot Pam Joan Birnie. Imagine investing $2000 and receiving $8,600.

  11. You should make a video Alek about the changes in Etsy and how theyre affecting your business. You're one of the only businesses on youtube that I trust.

  12. I use ink scape or vector to enlarge my art.

  13. This is awesome. I've been selling for about three weeks. 8 sales. Hoping it gets easier!

  14. Hey Alek,
    What A.I. are you using to get the higher resolution images for the tapestries as Midjourney doesn't have higher res images from what I've seen.

  15. Does anyone have a link to where you can see what the different sellers on Etsy sell for, perhaps per week, month, or year? Kindly note in the link.

  16. Didn't know that Printify had tapestries, thanks man, published two before your video was over, lol. Seriously though, thanks for your videos, they are helpful and inspiring.

  17. did goodnotes up their price by 20 bucks lmao

  18. Amazing content creator 😊

  19. Hello Alek , I have a few questions. I am thinking about starting an online store in selling wall art & digital downloads. What would be a good way to start?

  20. I noticed you didnt call out the coffee mugs you always discuss? Thinking because the competition has become insane?

  21. Business opportunities are all around us, you just need to have your eyes opened, mine were opened with the help of my financial mentor mr Robert Andrew

  22. oh no remove the music asap and never have music in any videos. your content is already good dont need music

  23. Hey @spearworks, did you receive an answer to your question as I am also interested? | What are the paid software apps people use to create stylized maps and nice-looking map designs?

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