25,000 SALES on Displate: 5 Print-on-Demand Tips

25,000 SALES on Displate: 5 Print-on-Demand Tips

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  1. I made 75 sales in 5 months 😢

  2. Thanks man. Hopefully i will try this one day😅

  3. How accounts are accepted 🤔

  4. Congrats, Zen, on your achievement!

  5. damn i hope they accept account so I can start my displate journey

  6. Can you make a video about how ai art can be approved on displate?

  7. Don’t I need my own website for print on demand ? To sell them

  8. Hey Zen,
    you got around 2600$ last 90days, what do you expect for october/november/december in Sales volume? Maybe you can tell us some numbers =) U're on displate quiet a long time

  9. Just sent my application to them after seeing your video, dunno what they are looking for in applying artists, but i did establish a 5k$ redbubble shop in just 8 months this year.

  10. Congratulations. I would love a video with advice of how to apply to sell on displate.

  11. Congrats on 25,000 sales!!! Do you find that your newer designs get a higher percentage of sales now? I mean comparing each year do you find that you are slightly more locked in to what sells?

    I'm FINALLY actually putting my portfolio together for both Displate and Amazon Merch. I'm using Behance and debating on how many folders and designs I should show.

    Separating photos from graphics is easy enough. I'm debating mixing "graphic only" with "text and graphic" designs in another folder. And then "text only" in a third folder. Maybe 15-20 designs in each.

    If you think I should do this another way please let me know. I just started Behance so am learning on the fly.

    If you think this

  12. This one is new, I have never head about displate before. Indeed it's kinda perticular this platform and intimidating. By the way how many Pod platforms are u using right now ? Something like 4 or 8 ? Haha! But now I understand that it's a game of quality and quantity which everyone can share the cake.

  13. Can you make a video on the best ways to get accepted to Displate?

  14. How many images are you able to upload to Displate each day?

  15. What is the best way to can get accepted on displate please

  16. Displate accepet IA designes ??

  17. When would you start to upload Christmas designs? I have 120+ Christmas designs ready for upload, working as a digital artist for 20+ years, but just started my POD adventure, will it be too early to start uploading now, or should i wait a month or so?

  18. Thank you very much. You have restored my confidence, because i created a store on teepublic but my store is nowhere to be seen. Community couldn't give me any reason, I wasted 3 months.

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