Tostadora Print on Demand Tutorial (UNDERRATED)

Tostadora Print on Demand Tutorial (UNDERRATED)

There’s a very underrated print on demand side out there where I’m getting regular daily sales yet most people have never even heard about this Marketplace so in this video I’m going to talk you through tostadora which is the website in question I’m going to tell you why

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  1. I was waiting for this video to drop 🙌

  2. It only gets around 45k visits 🤔

  3. excellent tutorial, now Spreadshirt tutorial can be nice. cheers

  4. Love you, your content, your accent, determination and generosity to share. I feel like so many YouTubers out there are just doing it for the views and throwing viewers garbage content that unfortunately, many hungrily consume. You are so genuine and seem to care about people and humanity as a whole and I love that. I will sometimes put on your videos that I’ve already watched because I find your voice and demeanor so soothing and even if I’m not paying complete attention, subconsciously, I’m still absorbing the information. 😊 I had thought you may be German and I’m happy to hear I was right, I am of German descent and my best friend is from Germany too. She too is so highly motivated and definitely of the growth mindset. 😊

  5. Thank you! I'm now LIVE on Tostadora! I've been thinking about adding another marketplace for a while now, and this video gave me the motivation to do it. Thanks!

  6. Hi Philip. Thank you for letting us know about this site. Great video! Is there a way to change the currency of the price to USD $ instead of pounds £? My prices display as pounds but I see in your video yours is showing USD which is what I need. Thank you for any help!

  7. Also did I hear or read somewhere that Tostadora can translate your designs into different languages? I may have misunderstood that but how is that platform able to translate the text that is part of the uploaded image? But that would be so awesome if this was true.

  8. Thanks for another awesome high quality video full of great information

  9. Can i use canva templates and print it on tshirt without facing any copyright?

  10. having issues with the website

  11. Hi, thanks for the video. But this site is very very slow. I am not sure I am the only person experiencing this. I tried in different browsers but no luck. Let me try with another laptop.😊

  12. Thank you again for the help with using the proper domain. Do you know if you can organize categories in Tostadora? Similar to collections in Redbubble? I can't seem to find any info on that.

  13. xD what a joke 48.4K monthly traffic from germany , nice ads btw but don't lie about daily sales because you won't get daily sales from website with that trafic

  14. actually for me the system is ridiculously simple:DD good video thanks

  15. Thanks for this insightful tutorial. I set up a store and added a few designs, but somehow I forgot how to add additional products and change prices. Can you remind me how to do this? Thanks.

  16. I have opened a store on the site and I have a little problem. I have 6 designs and none of them are showing up on the home page of my store or in the search results. The site says it can take up to 24 hours for the product to show up anywhere. The problem is that I am not even able to post a link to the product on social media because the link provided next to the product shows nothing. Have you experienced the same problem?

  17. Isn’t it expensive compared to other platforms. Because we get Tees with $14-$15

  18. I was able to create my store and upload some designs yesterday but when I tried searching for my designs I wasn’t able to find it. Does it take a few days before you can actually able to see it? I’ve been on different platforms but pretty new to Tostadora.

  19. For Tostadora, what platform they use to withdraw the royalties? Is it available worldwide? I am from Singapore interested to join. What should i put on the Tax ID?

  20. Just visited the Tostadora home page. (edited Sept 5, 2023) They fixed the problem or shutting off my computer overnight cleaned my browser. Old complaint, The top banner makes my scroll bar disappear on the right. They need to fix that with a website code to resize banner for different size browsers.

  21. Hi Philip, thanks for all your valuable insight! Just a question about Tostadora's request for a certificate of residence. Do you just submit one at end of tax year to reclaim taxes paid in Spain? Thanks.

  22. I just put up my first design on tostadora, I put the design on t-shirts… but if someone buys a canvas print and I did not select it and adjust the price for my profit will tostadora pay me a profit, or do I lose out? (You said that we do not have to put the design on every item so that we don't fil p our store)

  23. im in barcelona and id never heard of tostadora. will definitrly give it try, although it seems it only operates in a handful of countries.

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