Printful vs. Printify 2023 (My Thoughts after $1,000,000)

Printful vs. Printify 2023 (My Thoughts after $1,000,000)

What’s up guys it’s Alec and after I made my recent video on three million dollar print on demand Etsy shops it reminded me of a little detail called profit margins profit margins are the part of the sale that you get to keep after you’ve paid all of the fees and

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  1. Can I link my Etsy account to Printful and Printify at the same time?

  2. Hey Alek, thanks for this very clear and useful video. That said, Printify seems really nice for a local market, for example you want to sell in the USA, you can then select the USA manufacturer, but if you want a world wide shipping, then if becomes slightly more difficult as it doesn't make sense to send products made in usa to Europe or asia, it is more risks of breaking, shipping problems, and more CO2. Am I right or is there a solution to that?

  3. Anyone here got good experience with Gelato? I’m interested in prints, shirts and mugs. Based in Europe.

  4. Printify or gelato if based in Europe??

  5. buddy , you missed the breakdown costs for the single t-shirt's budget, just like you did with the mugs . I've been watching your videos for the past couple of weeks and just started my POD shop on ecwid ( aff+ printful) with the free plans, but I'm thinking about changing to printfy or shopfy . Do you think it's a good deal ?

  6. Damn Thank You!! This was a great breakdown that would have taken me forever to figure out thank you so much for putting the time in for this.

  7. One thing you didn't talk about is the taxes and delivery time. Printful having facilities in the US, Europe, and Canada, makes things way easier to sell "internationally". I tried Printful and Printify and the results are not even a match. Being able to sell in every western countries without having to bother with custom fees and different partners is a bliss. If a customer buy something from the US, printful will automatically assign the order to their US facility. If the customer buy from France, it will choose the spain facility. And that changes everything. For a canva bought with a US partner for a customer in France, the customer will have to pay custom fees, and the delivery alone will jump from 13$ on printful to 45$ on printify and that's without the custom fees. And on top of that, printful mock up are way more nicer and SEO friendly.

  8. Do people actually buy stuff from Printify? the shipping is really high, T-Shirts are expensive, its not worth purchasing a shirt for $40+ after shipping and then you still need to make a buck or two. has anyone really made any money here? because I'm pretty sure the only one that makes money is the dude making the video hehe , They have glass cups there for $14 without the design, that are worth $2 at a dollar store, waste of time

  9. I love this video ! !!!!!!!!!

  10. I love the way you broke everything down and explained in numbers 😊

  11. how much did printfy pay you for this? joking aside, keep it up. my designs are all done, just getting the manufacturing and marketing figured out. thank you!

  12. Thank you, this was very helpful !

  13. Not even in dreams have you seen that amount

  14. Great video, thanks Alek! What I'm really struggling to get my head around is the shipping. I've created a woocommerce store and connected it to Printify no problems, but my my store feature's products from different print suppliers. Some are not in that same country. I'm worried that shipping will be super complicated and expensive. I'm wondering if Printful may actually be the better option for me because, while the stock is more limited and each item slightly more expensive, at least a single order will be fulfilled and shipped from a single factory and therefore the shipping will be cheaper and more straightforward which means a better customer experience. Anyone have a similar conundrum?

  15. Thank you so much for this!!! In my comparison I was coming to the same conclusion and this confirmed for me. Yay!

  16. why didn't you put the esty fees?

  17. Genius. Thank you for your precise and elaborate work! 🙏🏻

  18. Hi which fulfillment do you use with Amazon ?

  19. Hi, thanks for the video. How do you feel about the new partnership between Prinful and Amazon? How would Etsy stack up against Amazon as a better place to have your store? I would be interested in your thoughts.

  20. I like your stuff man. But it's not accurate at all, what about all the sales tax/vat and all the etsy fees + sales tax/vat on top of the etsy fees… It's come to no where near as much profit as your advertising. I've spent the past week designing and researching, and when I found the actual profit margins I was a bit let down by your content.

    I think we would all appreciate an accurate cost rundown in one of your next videos.

  21. short form: Printify is recommended most

  22. Thank you for all that information. I will be selling on a website as well and noticed that the Gelato plugin had terrible reviews and was not up today. What's your view on Printful's integration if you have one?

  23. So nobody is talking about the amounts they keep saying like I make 3 millions of selling t-shirts and that kind of s**t. You are making content for your channel and maybe you are trying to be helpful but don't take people for granted and imply that they are idiost

  24. Amazing. I learned SO much from this! TY 👍

  25. Thank you for the video.
    I do have a question
    Is it mandatory to go with printify or the others if I have my own printer that I work with?
    I'm looking to sell my own art prints….and I have my own printer guy that does the prints for me. I'd much rather use him.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. Serious question.Can printers deny printing ? Say for example I wanted to make a shirt that said "IT'S A CHILD NOT A CHOICE" bu the print company had different ideological views. Can they deny your order(s)?

  27. Is it possible that the demand for (i.e. purchases of) our products could exceeds the amount of money we have to pay Printify at the time they require payment? Is the payments timing set up so that our customers payments go into our bank account in time for us to pay Printify at the they require payment? Or do we have to pay Printify before our customers' money gets into our own bank accounts – meaning we have to front Printify before we get payed our customers' payments? If we have to pay Printify before we get paid our customers' payment, is there a way to put a limit on how many units of a particular product our store can sell and that allows us to reset that limit when we need to (so the customers see a notice like: 3 left in stock)? That way we can stay within our ability to pay Printify.

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