Most Print on Demand Sites Can NOT Do This! I’ll Show You How You Can Do It on Zazzle & Stand Out.

Most Print on Demand Sites Can NOT Do This! I'll Show You How You Can Do It on Zazzle & Stand Out.

In this video I’m going to show you step by  step on how to upload to Zazzle, one of those   print-on-demand shops. And also a way to create  your designs that can be personalized on Zazzle,   where people can change the numbers and  the words and even the colors. Let’s Go! Thanks for joining me on this video. My  name Is Juna with Detour Shirts. I’ve   been designing and selling T-shirts online  since 2005 and in this video I wanted to   show you how you can upload your designs to  a print-on-demand site called Zazzle. Now,

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  1. I enjoyed this tutorial and would like to see more about zazzle. I have a question about svg files do you need to unzip the file before you can upload it to zazzle?? Thanks for Sharing

  2. Good tutorial! Thanks, Juna. I might open a Zazzle shop😁 Do you have a link to sign up to Zazzle?

  3. Is this in compliance with Canva to use their template in this way? Would you only be able to use free design or pro design?

  4. Just to clarify, don't you have to modify/change any objects/assets you use from Canva if you are going to use them commercially? Or are you just using this as an example?

  5. I learned so much from this video. Things that I haven't been clicking when listing. Thanks again for all your great videos

  6. I remember interacting with you on CafePress forums way back when I started

  7. Thank you Juna for the very helpful and informative Zazzle tutorials. This question may have been covered but I can't fine the answer. Do I need to list a certain number of products to open a store on Zazzle.

  8. Hi Juna, is there a way to change the mock ups in Zazzle? I'm not of fan of the mock ups for t-shirts.

  9. Can we upload our own fonts to Zazzle like we do in Canva? I feel like I've been using a landline all these years uploading to RB and now I joined ZAZ and it's like an upgrade to a $1000. Super Delux Smart Phone!

  10. Thanks for another informative video. I have a tip for you this time. At the part where you view your design and you can see the "edit design" you didn't have to go out and put the shirt in again to show the other method. If you click on "edit this design" you can replace the image and do other customizations. It doesn't affect the original design already posted. Also when you go to "sell it" the info from the original design is there and you can edit that as needed. Great feature if you're doing variations of the same design like for mom, dad,etc.

  11. Zazzle has hands-down the worst user interface of all the POD sites.

  12. thank you Juna, this tutorial is super informative .

  13. i just uploaded some st-shirts designs but when i check my store products it's empty

  14. Zazzle is not accepting most of my svg files.. which is very frustrating… I'm not sure why, but it is really hampering the designs as they are meant to have the colors altered… any idea's? Zazzle non-help has been well…… non….

  15. hi Juna, thank you so much for all great tutor. For create the Zazzle front store, how do we have Website URL? If we don't have it, how people know about my frontstore? Thank you.

  16. So helpful Juna Thank you!

  17. Hello, if I select cushion template then I have to ship it? I want to sell digital print for cushion ( just downloadable print)

  18. Can i with draw money Payoneer from zazzle ?

  19. Like your content. I am a newby to design and wonder how I can change my png from Placeit to svg? Would enjoy a video to cover this. Thanks. Bless. Louis

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