HALLOWEEN SKULL CREATOR – Create Designs in Seconds

HALLOWEEN SKULL CREATOR - Create Designs in Seconds

With halloween coming up the fine folks at heritage type have created another skull creator this one’s specifically designed for halloween i’m going to zoom this in here so we can see this a bit better check this out this is a high-end easy to use tool now i happen to be in

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  1. I haven't used Affinity in ages… wow, it looks almost identical to Photoshop. Do you prefer Affinity to PS?

  2. Wow, this is really nice. I wish I had the money, I would definitely get it. They do such nice work over there. I do have a lot of their elements, they're beautiful.

  3. That's really cool…creepy cool. I chuckled when I saw Zen rolling that eyeball around in the skull. Good demo Zen!

  4. I see on your terrific videos that you frequently mention using Photoshop and Affinity. Is anyone in your extensive reach using Photoshop Elements? why or why not? Thanks for all the valuable information you share with us newbies.

  5. Hi zain,
    I have been working on redbubble for the last couple of months, and i got over 100 designs, using my tags to the fulliest 50, but I got no visits or sales, also used to share in Pinterest and IG,
    Would you suggest some thoughts on that

  6. I really need help I emailed you

  7. Thanks for the amazing resource, Zen! You are a creative genius!

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