The 3 Etsy Tools I Use to MAKE $1M+

The 3 Etsy Tools I Use to MAKE $1M+

On May 7th of 2020 I decided to go all in on e-commerce and print-on-demand drop shipping which ended up being one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made now despite many failures I was able to find a way to beat the odds and grow a few successful online businesses

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  1. Yes, the photoshop replacement option sounds much better! I’m looking forward to your next video on the details of using the figma templates to do it all. Where do you get the product mockups like the other top Etsy shops? Or what other video did you explain that part in?

  2. I love your videos, Alek; you are one of the most transparent advocates for POD. I just wish you, and everyone else started talking in terms of actual profit and timeline when you mention how much you make, instead of just revenue. Because, for example, if you made 1 million in revenue in three years, but your profit was 25%, you actually only made $83,333 a year; which is not bad, don't get me wrong, but it's not the same as making 1 million.

  3. Hi Alek,
    Could you do please a little comparative between Alura and EverBee.
    Thank you

  4. The thing is, it's not 2020 anymore. It seems no longer easy for people to blow up and succeed with POD, or etsy. It's way to plotted mostly because youtubers keep telling people to make 1000 listings, most of which floods the market places with junk. It's hard, and most will not be profitable and it's definatley not 'passive'

  5. Would love to see the Figma mockup automation video from you!

  6. Can one shop copy designs or phrases from another shop? If it's not allowed, what recourse does the originating shop have? Thanks…

    Also, it's hard for me to think of Figma without being reminded of the "ligma" meme from a couple of years ago.

  7. Fun fact!! I've been on the lookout for a tutorial like this for two whole weeks, and I started to get really frustrated with the lack of good options out there. Eventually, I decided to purchase Placeit instead. I would absolutely love to check out your Figma mockup automation video.

  8. Alek, how do you get a Midjourney image to be at 300dpi when you upload it to Printify? Every time I upload to Printify after upscaling and saving my Midjourney image it always says my images are around 210dpi (for mugs). Why aren’t they 300dpi?

  9. Curious if we can also use pre-made PNG design files, rather than just text, to do those automated mockups in Figma?

  10. I barley get views on store I’m been grinding everyday now at like 20 products listed but I guess I’m a beginner

  11. please make a video of it to replace photoshop. Thanks.

  12. I am new to discord and when I follow your link to discord but there was a bunch of Alek in there, how do I know which one is you? Thanks.

  13. Please Figma tutorial to do mockups next! thank you so much

  14. Need help understanding how to get Figma designs exported to Printify.

  15. Yes please new tutorials on figma. I tried using it off last video and I couldn’t figure it out 😂😮 Ty Alek

  16. Please make a video on figma mockups

  17. pls make a complete figma tutorial .

  18. Hi
    If I make anything inspired from Marvel comics or movies, do I need a licence for them.
    Like tshirt printing
    Please reply

  19. hey bro. How can I generate more sales with t-shirt marketing?

  20. Great info as always, Alek. Thank you.

  21. Love this video!!! Please, please, please, make another one to teach how to do the automatic mockup process in Figma. Thanks. 😁🙏

  22. Listing mode is not available in the free version. At least I don't see it. I only see top shops. Plus be also advised that a lot of these top shops are bringing their own traffic plus investing a lot of money in ads. Organic traffic is dropping by half each year. The competition is high and great ideas are stolen very quickly.

  23. Yes please Figma mockup sounds crazy!!

  24. Guys seriously , anyone have an Etsy shop to give it for free ? 😅 I always got suspended cuz my Country doesn't supported on Etsy

  25. DAMN – Please make that indepth Figma video 😩

  26. On a normal trading leverage, I still manage to earn $32,000 weekly from my investment of $3,500, wow I can’t wait for bull run to hit the crypto market so I could make more ..God bless expert Mrs Angela Mae

  27. Thank you so much Alek. I am just getting started and I've watched every one of your videos. Are you going to have videos that talk about sales tax, income tax, estimated tax and withholding? If no, do you recommend a channel to help with the heavy business info? Thanks again!

  28. YES PLEASE! Show us how you're using figma for design mock ups!

  29. So here's my question. HOW are these shops that are killing it paying for the production of the POD items? Like say you sell $10K in a month during Q4, Do these sellers have a credit card with 10K on it? It just seems unlikely. What am I missing?

  30. Excellent content! Can you do a video on AR for various POD items, ie, shirts/sweatshirts, mugs, wall art, etc?

  31. Stock photo wall art goes crazy 😏

  32. "Take elements and make my own ORIGINAL listing". As a graphic designer my eyes bleed when I see the average etsy POD designs

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