Incredible Research Method for Print on Demand 2023 – 7 Step Technique That Generates Winning Ideas

Incredible Research Method for Print on Demand 2023 - 7 Step Technique That Generates Winning Ideas

If you’re having a hard time coming up with  t-shirt designs for print on demand this is   the video for you. I’m going to share with  you my seven step research method and this   can be used for any Niche. I’m going to do it  for Halloween in this case but don’t worry you

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  1. Hey … confused when you said "just drag them over into Affinity" … what's the process for that? Screen grabs of the rows or something more magical? Thanks J

  2. Hi Juna..had a question..can the Halloween pattern in text be done in Canva only ?

  3. How do you drag them over to Affinity?

  4. Juna can I delete back to school shirts now or should I wait

  5. I have several of the face type shirts, for a few different holidays, where that style has huge sales, yet mine don't. I'm at the point where I'm giving up. It's like "everyone" else is doing it, succeeding and I'm not. Those designs are simple so no, I'm not messing them up. It's like there's some dark magic against me, or it's something one had to get in early and not it's just too late.

  6. Really nice break down👍🏽

  7. The first step is kind of interesting. I added Pretty Merch (btw I was not accepted by Amazon Merch yet). So went I log in with PRetty Merch, there is no Dashboard, so basically one just gets a empty Page. Will try with other options instead 🙂

  8. Excellent video again… always learning from you here in Brazil…

  9. Can you tell my any alternate of merch informer?

  10. Awesome information… as usual, Juna! Thanks so much!

  11. OMG,i have a tip too! i dont get out much but saturday i went out and my attention naturally went to see what people were wearing, i got so many ideas and its amazing how many people wear t shirts. i am not a graphic designer but learning with canvaand kittl. Is it worth learning photoshop? My son is a film student sohe gets a discount. he says i can use sometimes!

  12. hi, my husband keeps trying to tell me that I wont't succed because everyone else is doing it, the market is saturared and this is only for the experts. awwwrrrrrrr it makes me so angry..If i do the work and create quality graphics , I too, canbe sucsessful and have a piece of the pie. I am so determined to show the family members thar are watching me and said,they wont do anything until they see me succeed. my thinking is, and please tell me if my analogy makes sense…. English is my second analogy,, just because the whole world is breathing oxigen to survive, it does not mean that I will stop breathing, right? I will succeed and stop working for corporate america. Sendme good vibes, world! Juna! you are great! you share knowledge! I will do the same. 🙂

  13. You share, You love, You care, Thank you so much!

  14. Hey Juna. Great sharing. I'm a rookie in design & feel motivated today.

  15. Another great video as always, thank you Juna. Much appreciated 🙏🏾😊

  16. Hey, friend. What App do you use to download the Shopify "Thank you" page?

  17. thank you! I'm trying to add listings for Q4 and these simple instructions are appreciated.

  18. Imagine that! People love skeletons in their closet!

  19. Good ideas! The ice is for new baby /pregnancy Halloween photos or announcements. Ice Ice Baby kinda thing. It’s cute, and lots of families have been doing this for years now. maybe try to think of something else unique. Easy for new baby Halloween. Or make it a bag of ice and a pregnancy shirt with baby face idk.. I don’t plan on doing anything Halloween so figured I would throw some ideas out

  20. Hello brother Juna.. where can I connect with you? I've a design sample from a friend.. he's created that design in Photoshop I think so.. but I want to know how I can recreate this kind of design in Canva or kittl if you can help & Guide me or make a tutorial video for this it'll be really helpful.. please.. thank you

  21. Thank you. You have a very logical and methodical approach.

  22. I have a question on images if you could answer!! Say I'm in Canva making a design.. I just use a simple black circle, then I would like to place a cat outline inside the black circle. If that design is then put onto a shirt how could I make the shirts color show thru the cat outline? For example blue shirt would have a black circle but a blue cat outline (shirt color), or red shirt a red cat outline. What is that process evem called? Never see anyone talking about it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  23. Hi Juna , I am from India, after watching your videos I was very much inspired and I wanted to do design for teepublic but they dont have country India as an option for Account setup.Does teepublic do not allow indians to do design ?If so are there any other design website which accept India.. waiting for reply 🙂

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