How To Figure Out What to Design for Print on Demand

How To Figure Out What to Design for Print on Demand

[If you’re just starting out on print  on demand or if you’ve been on print   on demand for a while and haven’t gotten  very many sales, the question you may be   asking is… What should I be designing for?  What kinds of topics should I be designing

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  1. How much time it take to crack my first sale on tee public if i upload 6 seasonal design daily
    Should I increase my upload or not if so then how many

  2. Thanks juna, I was waiting for this,

  3. Thank you Juna…so much to learn from you .. could you do a video on Evergreen niches? how should a newcomer utilize them.

  4. Useful as always! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Hi Juna!
    Where did you actually get the stock-videos?🤔

  6. Great wisdom here! Lately I've been using your approach of "find a hole," and looking to see if a given niche has various design styles available. For example: Groovy Corgi, 1980s Corgi, text only Corgi (?), etc. Then, adding sub-niches or cross-niches (Groovy Corgi Dad, Groovy Corgi Mom…) the possibilities are endless. Thank you!

  7. What was that video where you showed how to create some text only layouts? I tried to look for it under your playlist and videos. But couldn't find it. The ones are there are already finished text. But there was a video where you showed step by step how to create different text only layout. I

  8. hi Juna, great video as usual. Love all your videos…. What I learned so far…I 've been on Merch on Amazon for 3 weeks only, No sales so far…However, I leaned a lot and found out that yes, a lot of people on Youtube tells you to follow trends . When I started to create something for Halloween and do cross niches , it's difficult to be on first three pages cos there are soooo many. In fact I asked my husband to look at it and see what he likes, he told me THEY ARE ALL THE SAME….It makes me think that maybe on Tier 10 it takes longer cos we have to find out very narrow Niche and be patient. What other strategy for Tier 10, from your point of view? As we are limited to 10 designs only…can it be splited let say on 30%-50% each?…Like 3-5 designs Holiday, 3-5 design whatever subject you have choosen in your Niche, 3 -5 designs Trending ……And another question I wanted to ask, about Redbubble , how many designs shall we upload for each holiday or subject….Let's say for HAlloween, how many designs will be sufficient to say that's enough…..I do understand it's personal and it all number games…..Can we connect Redbubble somehow to Google analytics? If yes, how to do it? …..Thanks a lot

  9. I fit into several of those categories. Love, guessing (educated and let's see), a bit of trends… I havent found a hole yet. As to top sellers I'm not there yet. Looking at which design have the most favourites on Redbubble may help. Other designers like them though a shared love of a design doesn't always translate into sales.

    Youve mentioned before that the various marketplaces have different clientele so we need to think of that to some extent.

  10. I have been doing extensive research on Etsy, for a couple niches, that I learned from the “Etsy Consultant” channel. He does things very differently from what others are saying to do. It takes quite a while to do this research, but I think this is invaluable information. Right now, the “In my era” stuff is popular, but they’re almost always done in the groovy wavy text, to the point that it is annoying. I have so many ideas for that trend, but they’re in different niches, so I am really not sure what to do. I want a niche store, but I also think the ideas I have, which are very different, would probably sell, and I would like to do them, however, I think niche stores do better, when you are starting out on any platform. I suppose, the “In my era” phrase could be a niche itself, with different collections. I don’t want to miss out on it, but I don’t want to mess up a store, either. 😬🥴 a thanks Juna, great ideas, as always.

  11. Do you recommend buying designs the POD company offers? I use awkward styles and they have a library

  12. Daft as it sounds there is an image of a snail replacing the dragon on the Welsh flag that is doing rounds on Facebook. It is linked to upcoming speed limit reduction as all 30 limits become 20 mph on 17th September 2023

  13. Say any good alternative websites for redbubble

  14. Thank you, Juna! I’m on the “create something you love” group, but I know I need to start using data to get more sales, so thank you for the insightful video.

  15. Thanks Juna. Very helpful stuff

  16. Can you tell me any print on demand web?

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