Decorative Text T-Shirt Design Tutorial (Adobe Illustrator)

Decorative Text T-Shirt Design Tutorial (Adobe Illustrator)

Today I’m going to show you how to create this decorative text design for print on demand using Adobe Illustrator in order to create these sorts of designs we actually need a specific type of font that has something that’s often referred to as extras or bonus Doodles

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  2. Nice technique, typing out all the glyphs and outlining first.

    Do you find these types of designs sell well on Etsy?

  3. Brilliant! I could have used this video several months ago when I first started attempting these types of designs. It took me too long to figure out to start by putting the text into position and then add the graphics around it. I hope this becomes a popular, successful, often-watched video for you. Thank you, Philip!

  4. Great tutorial for this beautiful design. Thank you. 😎❀️

  5. Bruh I'm Trace image and upload eps file vector ShutterStock but this problem
    Non-Licensable Content
    We cannot accept this submission into our commercial or
    editorial collection, or we are no longer accepting this type
    of content.

    Can you help me how to solve this plz ❀

  6. Hi Philip, I'm Marianna from Italy. Thank you very very much for your videos! I really like them.
    I love to make design and work with Adobe programs and AI.
    I'm trying to understand if POD could be right for me, because I've a 9/5 job I feel stuck in a endless loop.
    And I also have a toddler and I feel that someone else is raising him (grandparents, teachers, baby-sitters).

    My questions are:
    -How many hours do you think POD business needs every day? Is it actualy a flexible job after the first
    -Is it actually a flexible job, after the initial running-in period?
    -Have you bought a course?
    -Are you running your business by your self only, or do you have someone to work with, share you ideas, ask for opinion, etc? (Milo does't count. Sorry doggy)
    -How much do you think has your process speed up with experience?
    -How do you think this business will change in the next few years?

    I know that everyone could have a different path, but I will really appreciate if you decide to answer those questions and share your "tactics", your "programming" and give me/us a better idea of who the everyday life changed for you.

    Thank you again and keep up!!!!

  7. "just messing around and finding some sort of balance" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ totally me

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