7 Things $1,000,000 Online Shops All Know

7 Things $1,000,000 Online Shops All Know
  1. Great video Alek! I learned a lot from you. Can you do a video specific to how you handle bad customers? Like how do you spot the bad customers and decide not to sell to them? What is the best way to handle them?

  2. Great video Alec. Super informative and helpful.

  3. Another great video, Alek! Thanks for putting out really valuable info week after week.

  4. Thanks Alek S – what you say makes sense; I shall take your insights to heart as I start out.

  5. Alek is you digital income?

  6. Thanks, Alek. Any news on the Printify product uploader mentioned in your earlier videos?

  7. When you create a new design and product, do you purchase one yourself to test the quality or see how it works out initially?

  8. Hi, can a cm whose order is cancelled, still leave a review?

  9. Your strategy of using locations as a niche is pretty genius. It's cool how you've taken a single product, like mat prints, and turned it into a diverse range of offerings by targeting different places. Quick question: When you're expanding your product line, do you find that the location-based approach works well for new designs as well, or do you experiment with different ideas for each location? Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Thnx for the tip, I'll use it and try it. We'll see how it works. thnx once more.👍👍

  11. Some question came up to my mind, what's the method used by etsy to show your products on their platform so you get the chance to sell and not remain unknown, do you happen to know this? and what are the fastest steps to make your shop outstanding to be able to sell better, do you have a process to do it or just random and SEO?

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  13. Hello Alek, I want to begin on the Print on demand business. I am watching your videos to have a guide to begin.
    I am Colombian and I live in Colombia, almost all of your videos are talking of how to make de business in Etsy but for is not possible because I don`t have a US or UE residence. So my best option to begin is ebay. To you have some video talking about Ebay and what you can recommend mi in this platform.

    Thank you a lot!

  14. Hi, just would like to know if ut is available without the design skills? Thanks

  15. I love your videos- I started a small Etsy store and I’ve done a little research to work it around. I’ve come across your videos after I’ve made the shop and these have helped me molding how to work my new lil shop.- I can’t wait to get more of my designs put up and see how this goes!

  16. Fantastic!! Fantastic! Fannnnnntastic post! Extremely intelligent and informative.

  17. I have to say thank you for these videos that you create for all of us. I must say you are an excellent teacher. I have only watched a handful of your videos so far and I have learned way more than I could have imagined. ♥

  18. Wtf majority of the comments are nearly identical to eachother, weird asf

  19. Hey Alek! Do you have a video on seo?

  20. how do I make these maps tho? thought I saw a video somewhere(not by you) that was showing how to make them on google maps or something like that.

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