7 Illustrator Tips I wish I knew 4 Years ago!

7 Illustrator Tips I wish I knew 4 Years ago!

He is one of the most annoying things known to mankind about Adobe Illustrator I’m trying to select the black box to change its color but every time I try and click on this it selects never instead and there’s actually a very simple fix for this and it’s been hidden

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  1. Super cool!! Extremely helpful tips. Thank you for this amazing sharing ❤

  2. Great tips and yes: skill share is great.

  3. Can you do a tutorial on knockout text and groups

  4. How do you keep it from going back to myriad pro. Mine reverts back with new files

  5. Excellent information!‼️👏‼️👏‼️👏

  6. Love these Illustrator tips!

  7. Thanks Philip, that was very helpful as usual ❤

  8. Learned a few new tricks that will definitely improve my workflow. Your videos are always so helpful! Thank you for all that you do.

  9. which version of adobe you are using?

  10. Wonderful video:)😊 I dont have the latest version of Illustrator, so cannot use the generative re-colour feature, but, all the other tips are very useful:)😊 Many thanks:)😊

  11. These are awesome tips. I did not know a couple of them. Here's my slight twist on the text selection tip.
    If you hold the command, key down( control keys on windows) and click you can actually drill through objects so if you have 10 objects on four layers, and you hold the command key down illustrator will select a different object with each click. This could be really handy if you have stocked items that have outlines or insets..

  12. Awesome Philp! Thank you for the tips!

  13. Invaluable 👏 Thank you Philip

  14. Oh my God. You just saved me so much time and helped relieve one of my largest headaches, actually, two 😂! Thank you so much for sharing this and for helping newbies like me.

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    Or, are you like me?

    I have other designers wasting their time in creating shallow and trivial designs as such, and I use the money to support myself while I work on something that actually matters. It works. But still, I am so sorry and disheartened when I see what sells. I guess POD was never really about art.

  16. Thanks for showing us these amazing features

  17. Thank you for these awesome tips. My favorite, I think, is the intertwine. I enjoy watching your videos. They are helpful and to the point.

  18. Thank you Philip, these tips are so helpful, bookmarking this video!

  19. I'm not sure, but haven't you even done a tutorial on how to put a mask on a design that is square, so that the edge looks frayed, for example, or in general that the image shows "signs of use". I can't find it anymore 😢😢

  20. Very helpful tips.Learned something new that will improve my skill.Thank you so much for share this❤️

  21. it's awesome video . and its have a lot of information that will help me in the future thank you

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